Covid-19 Questions Answered

I am sooooo tired of talking about vaccines, but seeing we have a pandemic that is actually getting worse and tons of misinformation, I wanted to do bullet point rebuttals to misinformation since everything else I have posted seems too long. It seems that some people so badly want this vaccine to fail. It is just beyond comprehension. So, let’s look at the comments I usually get.

1) Doctors get paid to vaccinate: Nope.

There is something called Sunshine act that forbids Pharma from paying doctors. They can sponsor education events but then every doctor has to report. If you look me up, I received money because I was going to do a new surgery for reflux. But my hospital requires I go to the company and get trained. The company paid for training. Sucks for the company as I decided not to use the procedure after training. No checks from Pharma. There are pediatricians who get paid by insurance companies to keep kids healthy which includes vaccines as well as weight checks etc… This is not Pharma. The insurance company has calculated that vaccinated kids saves them money over sick kids. Pharma does NOT pay off your doctor. This is one of the more ridiculous claims but it never fails. When faced with a lack of evidenced based counter argument they resort to the ad hominem attack of “shill” and “sell out”. When you see someone yelling these phrases rest assured, they have been programmed to do so, and have basically lost the argument.

2) Everything Bill Gates

Of all the nonsense, this is the most perplexing. He has nothing to do with the vaccine. I do think looking at the Gates issues is a great way to point out the misinformation peddled on the internet. There is a FB video that claims that Gates says he is making billions on vaccines. You have to watch the actual video of the interview. The FB video purposefully takes statements out of context to confuse you. Gates was talking about how vaccines can help the economy by keeping people healthy. He sold all shares to Pharma in 2008. He makes no money from vaccines, as if he needs more money.

Another FB post says Gates said that vaccines help prevent overpopulation, implying that vaccines kill people. If you watch the whole interview, he says that in 3rd world countries vaccines have worked better than contraception because people are less likely to have multiple kids when they see their kids survive through infancy. Basically, every single thing bad you hear about Gates is completely made up. He turns out to be one of the most philanthropic men in history. I don’t know him. Could he be evil, possibly but there is not one shred of evidence to prove that point. People need a villain. And then to say that he is paying me. I would only be too happy. Bill, send me a check.

3) Vaccines inject fetal cells- NOOOOOO.

If a vaccine is attenuated virus it is grown in a fetal cell line. The virus is harvested from the cell, processed, and injected. The fetal cell is not injected. People just can’t seem to understand this. Fetal DNA has been found in parts per BILLION!! The COVID vaccine does not use an actual virus and therefore NO DNA is present. Interestingly, the fetal cells used for viral vaccines come from 2 aborted fetuses in 60’s. No recent abortions. Old cell lines.

4) Aluminum.

Used in some vaccines to augment immune response. Tiny dose, far less than what you get from environment. Same with formaldehyde. You get more from an apple. They use preservatives with live attenuated vaccines but NOT with mRNA vaccine which doesn’t need it. So no aluminum or formaldehyde.

5) The vaccine was rushed

Well, I get this worry BUT scientists have been working on mRNA for decades and working on coronavirus vaccines for decades. It typically takes a lot of time and money to put together a phase one trial and even more to get to phase 3. Having government support and unlimited funds as well as lots of smart minds focusing is gonna allow a much quicker result. As far as safety, the phase 3 trial was typical of phase 3 trials and demonstrated safety and efficacy no differently than had this been a vaccine that had been worked on for years.

6) But what about long term issues, and vaccines have caused harm before, and this vaccine will mess with my DNA. And what about pregnancy and fertility?

So obviously we don’t have long term results. The beauty of the mRNA vaccine is that it specifically does NOT go into the nucleus. It gets transcribed in cell and presents a viral protein on the cell surface. Our bodies’ attack and kill the cell so the vaccine is gone quickly. What is left, and what is important, is the memory of the protein. So, what long term effects could happen? Well, there was a SARS vaccine where some people developed homologous antibodies which means that the antigen from the viral vaccine was similar and therefore this caused autoimmune response that caused, in a few people, narcolepsy. First off, just because we fail once doesn’t mean we should never try again. That is crazy. How do we evolve if we quit ever trying?! Imagine where we would be if we quit after a failure. Secondly, that vaccine was the actual virus with many antigens. This vaccine is one single protein. There was concern that this protein is similar to a protein in the placenta but in the phase 3 trials several women got pregnant and had no issues. It is very unlikely we will develop autoimmune response.
Also, understand the long-term risks of COVID. We are seeing long term lung issues and troubling vasculitis. The long-term risks of COVID are certainly worse than the vaccine.

7) You really want polyethylene glycol injected in you?

PEG is a chemical that is found almost everywhere and certainly gets in you from food and environmental exposure. The vaccine has nano particles of PEG. NANO!!!

8. What about allergic reactions?

I bring up PEG because it could be causing allergic reaction. So far there have been over 3 million vaccines in America and about equal amount worldwide and no major reactions. A lady in Seattle had to stay the night in hospital. Maybe 10 allergic reactions. I expect there will be more. This is an incredibly low rate of complications. Antivaxxers seem to be searching desperately for anybody having a bad reaction. They loved seeing the nurse fainting after injection and ignored the fact that she says she always faints and this had nothing to do with the vaccine.

9) Vaccines causes autism.

First off, no they don’t. There are now hundreds of huge studies from around the world that conclusively show no correlation between vaccines and autism. Secondly, every vaccine is different, if one vaccine causes a complication it does NOT mean another will.

10) The government protects Pharma from lawsuits and has paid 4 billion for injuries.

Kinda true. In 80’s there were lawsuits related to pertussis vaccine. Lawsuits claimed it caused encephalitis. Studies showed this was not true but they still lost the cases because jury had to find for sick kids. So companies refused to do anymore vaccines. This became a public health crisis. Government started a board that would hear all vaccine injuries and pay out easily for families if any concern. They are very liberal in payments, except for autism since it has been proven no correlation. There have been billions of vaccines since compensation board started. I think they have paid a few thousand cases, mainly minor. They report and alert FDA if any question.

11) The antibody could actually interfere with immune response.

Very theoretical risk. In the phase 3 trials this was not what happened. Quite the opposite. The vaccine worked. Immunity was not compromised. Quite the opposite.

12) We should be concentrating on wellness.

Obvious I agree, as that is everything I talk about. That being said, telling people to eat healthy during a pandemic is an unrealistic solution. There are no studies showing that diet changes would work, only that sick people get sick. Secondly, expecting huge lifestyle changes in short term is exceedingly unrealistic. We can push health and vaccines.

13) Bell’s palsy.

This is a facial paralysis that can happen with infections. Incidence in vaccine group vs control is same. 200 people a day develop Bells. May so happen that it happens coincidentally with vaccination. It does go away but not caused by vaccine.

As I said, I am just exhausted by this, but obviously this is important to me. Doctors are by and large extremely intelligent people that study science daily. They understand the risks and benefits of this vaccine and the huge risks of not vaccinating. That is why doctors have been lining up by the thousands to get vaccinated. I hear people say doctors have an agenda. We do. Our agenda is to look out for the health and wellbeing of our patients and that is why the VAST, VAST, VAST majority of doctors support this vaccine. You will always be able to find some one off dissenter but they are few and far between.

I will never understand the hate and vitriol that goes with vaccines. It is exhausting to deal with. Hope these billet points and the video I post this morning help because I am about done with this issue.

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