Proof in the Research

Library of Research

I often hear people say that the proof in a plant based diet rests solely in epidemiology. As I always say, just because you don’t know the literature doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

We have excellent randomized control trials of plant based diets for heart disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension, autoimmune disease, diabetes, etc.. Not only do the these novice critics not know the literature they seem to not understand what epidemiology is or how it is designed.

They seem to think that epidemiology is a univariate analysis, like people in Japan eat more vegetables and have less heart disease. They don’t understand the complexity and intricacy that goes in to designing a database like Harvard’s Nurses Health or the EPIC database or the Adventist Health Study. They don’t understand what a multivariate regression analysis is and how it controls for confounders.


There will never be a prospective randomized control study on diet and cancer over 20 years. You can’t do that because no one will stick to a randomly assigned diet. You have to look at databases.

Setting the stage with Epidemiology

Without epidemiology we wouldn’t know smoking causes cancer. To make a scientific argument you need multiple types of studies.

Epidemiology from multiple studies that are prospective and undergo multivariate regression analysis may give you a strong correlation. You then need to test the mechanisms of the correlation with randomized controlled trials.

It is so much more complex than saying a plant based diet is good for you. That statement comes from years of intricate studies done around the world. It isn’t just epidemiology.

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