Weight Loss Success

Proteinaholic Weight Loss Success

I feel so grateful to be in a job that allows me to be a part of such wonderful transformations. Melanie has done such an amazing job.

The pic to the right is 1 yr post op. The other picture is pre-op. What you don’t see is Melanie’s struggles before surgery. You also don’t get to see all the classes and training she did before and after surgery, and the hard work she has put in since.

So much of social media diet discussions center around young fit people showing off abs. It is then assumed that what gave the 25 y/o abs must be right for everybody.

The discussions are binary. That is, this macronutrient is good and this is bad and the only way to be successful is following my prescription. Nuance is lost in such a binary world and the people that are really suffering are demeaned or ignored.

I was so upset by Bill Maher’s recent fat shaming on his show. He has never sat across from a person and listened to their struggles. He sees an overweight person and doesn’t know that they attended “fat camps” when they were kids. He has no idea that they may have been physically abused as a child or come from a family that was emotionally abusive where food became an escape. He hasn’t studied the complexities of hormones and genetics that make hunger much more complex than his lay person understanding. And he certainly hasn’t seen these people go through diet after diet, pill after pill, all the while having huge successes followed by relapses that are soul crushing. He doesn’t see them working 2 jobs and having to make food choices based on finances in a world where subsidies make unhealthy foods cheap.

In summary, Bill Maher has never walked a few feet in their shoes, nevermind a mile. Anyway, I digress. This is not necessarily Melanie’s story but I was reflecting on my long experience helping people suffering from obesity.

Congrats to Melanie who is working hard to be the happiest and healthiest she can be! I am honored to be a part of her journey.

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