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The Lap-Band® is a reversible weight loss treatment that helps you lose weight by decreasing the size of your stomach. Unfortunately, the Lap-Band procedure may not produce dramatic weight loss results and may require Lap-Band revision surgery. Bariatric and general surgeon Garth Davis M.D. in Houston, Texas, performs Lap-Band revision surgery to remove the device and, if desired, perform weight loss surgery. Find out more about Lap-Band revision surgery by calling the office or booking an appointment online today.

 Lap Band Revision Surgery Q & A

What is a Lap-Band?

A Lap-Band is a device that goes around the top part of your stomach, creating a smaller stomach pouch that helps limit the amount of food you can eat so you can lose weight. Unlike weight loss surgery, the Lap-Band is reversible. 

A surgeon places the silicone medical device around your stomach using minimally invasive techniques. Once in place, you can adjust the size of your stomach by injecting fluid into the device through a port under your skin.

The Lap-Band has helped many people reach their weight goals. However, weight loss may be slow and require regular visits to your weight loss surgeon for adjustments. 

Who needs Lap-Band revision surgery?

Anyone dissatisfied with the results of their Lap-Band or anyone having complications from their Lap-Band may need Lap-Band revision surgery. Dr. Davis specializes in bariatric and general surgery and conducts comprehensive exams to determine what’s best for you. 

You may need Lap-Band revision surgery if:

  • You’re unhappy with your weight loss results
  • You’ve gained weight with the Lap-Band
  • You have a band or port infection
  • Your body isn’t tolerating the band
  • Your band has slipped
  • You have severe acid reflux
  • You have problems with your esophagus (e.g., esophagitis, esophageal dilation)

The most common reason people need a Lap-Band revision is because of a lack of weight loss with the band, or even weight gain, and the desire to go ahead with weight loss surgery. 

What happens during Lap-Band revision surgery?

Dr. Davis takes a personalized approach to care and customizes your Lap-Band revision surgery based on the need for the procedure and whether he needs to perform bariatric surgery.

Dr. Davis uses minimally invasive surgery for the revision. He makes a small incision in your abdomen, usually at the site of your initial incision, cuts through any scar tissue that surrounds your band, cuts the band, and removes it through the incision.

To prevent migration of the Lap-Band, surgeons suture the upper part of the stomach to the portion of the stomach above the band. During revision surgery, Dr. Davis removes these sutures and any adhesions to restore your stomach to its normal size. 

For patients wishing to convert their Lap-Band to a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, Dr. Davis may perform the procedure at the time of the revision or at a later date.

To discuss Lap-Band revision surgery with a highly skilled bariatric surgeon, call the office of Garth Davis M.D. or book an appointment online today.